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Mark Yoe CR Greetings from Perhentian Island. I wish i could meet you guys here and serve every single of you with the best service ever. Welcome to the one of the most beautiful island in Asia. Today, Perhentian Trans Holiday brought to you with fast and easy method to get ticket to Perhentian Island. Book your ticket and pay for it online or upon arrival. It’s so convenient, you can now travel with just a click of the mouse. You can book boat ticket online on and get the lowest fares available. Try it today for a hassle free booking experience. Through our philosophy of ‘Brought you to Paradise’, Perhentian Trans has sparked a revolution in sea travel with more and more people around the region choosing Perhentian Trans as their preferred choice of transport. As Perhentian Trans continuously strives to promote sea travel, we also seek to create excitement amongst our guests with our range of innovative and personalized service.

Why Booking Online?

Online BookingWhy Online Booking? Online booking means direct purchase from Us. We are very glad to serve you from the bottom to the top without third party or agent contribution. All you need to do is to book your boat and you will be issued a boat voucher with discounts rate. It's so much more convenient, easier and save to travel this way! No tickets; just bring your identification card or passport and you'll be on your way. More importantly, it helps us keep our costs low so that we can pass on these savings back to you.


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Online BookingGet your ticket to Perhentian only with these 3 easy step:

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Online BookingPerhentian Island will open back soon for vacation. Get ready with exiting season after three months hit by monsoon season. Warming up yourself with EARLY BIRD SNORKELING PROMOTION and don't miss the moment.Contact Us now!

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Perhentian Kecil

  • Shari La Resort
  • Amelia Chalet
  • Fatimah Chalet
  • Maya Chalet
  • Senja Bay Resort
  • Butterfly
  • Mira Beach
  • Petani Beach
  • Impiani
  • Rock Garden
  • Lemon Grass
  • Mohsin Chalet
  • Cempaka
  • Long Beach Chalet
  • Bintang View
  • Matahari
  • Panorama
  • Symfony Chalet
  • Bubu Resort
  • Moonlight Chalet
  • D' Lagoon

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